Sunday 18 July 2021


Depression is a dish best served cold.

It is the beginning of a new ice age and it is up to you to lead your group of survivors to outlive the cold. To do this, you'll need to get them working to build shelters, outposts and other stations to keep your community happy. They'll also need to mine resources to keep feed the furnace to stay alive. Expect to restart a few times as there is little in way of tutorial.

It's a pretty game though, and managing the warmth is an interesting concept. I quite like the book of laws too, where often you need to do devious things to ensure everyone's continued survival. Do good things and your colony's hope will rise - preventing people from abandoning you. Do bad things and discontent will rise. Max that bar out and its an icy execution for you.

Forced child labor for the win!
(or not, because your people are more likely to kill you)

Personally, I dislike building games but this one held my interest for longer than I thought, so if you enjoy building games this one is definitely worth a look. I give it three corpse pits out of five.

Insight: You don't need streets to everything. Also, on some warmer days you can leave the generator off. Always try get it on at night though.

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