Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Legends of Andor 2 - Legend 9 - Lords of the Sea

[A board game session from The Legends of Andor]

Weeks have passed since the terrible storm and for some reason the entire party is split up across the islands. Juris the wizard starts on the boat, Mom the archer and Merrik are at the Tauri city, Rose the fisherlady is with the sea shell dwarves, DL the warrior is in the lonely forest where he lumbers some wood far to the South (which turns out is actually the Elven woods of Andor) and Joe the guardian is in the ruined city in the North where he collects a magic compass that once a day, can change the direction of the active wind card.

Juris sails to the Tauri city (and again finds the horny cat) while Joe and DL swim there, meeting up with Mom and Merrik to fight off a few foes. A delegation of Tauri also want to come on board, asking for a taxi service to the sea shell dwarves. They get there super fast, as Juris uses the magical Storm Shield (a two use reward for their actions from the storm) to teleport the ship right to the island.

There they pick up Rose and a delegation of dwarves who want to go to the elven forest, because apparently we really ARE a heroic taxi service now. On the way DL stops by the shipbuilding village to sell his lumber and learns they want iron from the sea shell dwarves so he swims back while everyone else delivers the passengers to the forest.

A vision then beckons Rose to the Northern ruined city so they sail there next and the spirit tells her the troubles of the sea are stemming from an imbalance from a triumvirate of lords where one of them (randomly chosen) has become greedy with power. In our case it is an evil mermaid.

She's a slippery salty siren.

Juris uses the storm shield to warp back to DL, now carrying the metal, and they sail back to the shipbuilding village to hand in that quest which satisfies the first requirement to win the mission: complete all the (random) village tasks. Next up - they have to kill that mermaid. Using the gold they collected from the jobs (because every time we kill we opt for the fame reward instead now) they purchase a ballista upgrade for the boat which lets whoever is using it keep the total of two D6 instead of the usual one.

Makes me wonder why would you buy the prow upgrade which gives one hero a +4 strength when the average of two D6s it 7, but anyway - we then sail South to do battle against the evil mermaid who behaves much like the dragon in that you must beat her three attack cards, each of which do something nasty: one makes a hero force their combat dice result to become one, one adds the strength of the strongest hero to her own, and the hardest one for us was only EVEN numbers count in battle.

We defeat her with very little fame left (if that reaches 0 it's game over) and somehow that restores the balance and opens the path North to the lands of Hadria. Victory!

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