Tuesday 13 July 2021

God of Highschool (Season 1)

All schools need some blood sport!

This action heavy anime focuses on the titular annual tournament called the God of Highschool, where high schoolers and I imagine older people who haven't finished high school can fight each other in a no rules skirmish for the chance at the title. While the animation of said fights is top notch at the start, the story pacing is strange at times and it soon descends into Dragonball territory of huge special moves that people yell the name of while performing.

The combat animation shines best when it sticks to reality.

And the special moves do get quite insane, we have someone summoning a dragon, summoning Lu Bu (look him up), and one character is actually an amnesiac god, and there's a doomsday cult that summons other gods to try end the world... Yeah. It's very confusing, but no one questions any of this.

Also, due to the art style it's like everyone perpetually has a cold. Anyway, if you like your fighting anime with a huge bunch of WTF then this might be the one for you. I give it two commissioners out of five. Also, all of this is just season 1. Looks like there's a lot more manhwa content if they decide to continue.

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