Sunday 7 May 2023

Wildermyth: The Silent Pit

[Part of the Cursed story line]

Despite the main force being defeated at the wall, the Cocks are informed by Lady Kamea that other groups of gorgons have made it through and are specifically targeting libraries. As they go about securing these sites Barbara finds a magical tapestry in one and upon infusing it, opens a temporary portal to the bug realm! They slay the critters and manage to save Sir Igwane from their dimension, who despite being very battered and used agrees to aid them as he is still loyal to Lady Kamea.

At the grand library they slaughter many more gorgons, including a type that makes its allies explode (WTF). Leading this group is the Salt Witch, a massive gorgon who manages to escape the team by casting a spell that forcefully ages Lillo, Macko and Pump into their weakened, geriatric years. Fortunately Barbara realizes that it was a map they were after: a map to the Silent Pit where they can supposedly awaken Cthulhu their deep god.

It falls to Barbara, Iris, Sir Igwane, Macius and Moleleen (Ames' skilled apprentice) to face them there and despite a never ending swarm of tentacle summoning gorgons and the Salt Witch itself the team is never in any real danger as they slowly and calmly fight off all the attackers while destroying the pillars holding up the place. In most cases the pillar stones were used as projectile weapons by the two mystics, Barbara and Moleleen. The team escape the temple collapse, saving the lands once more.

Note: As the "random" events are getting repetitive now that I've seen them numerous times I think that's it for my Wildermyth playthrough.

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