Wednesday 3 May 2023

Wildermyth: Merc War

[Part of the Cursed story line]

While most of the Cocks helped rebuild what the dragon had burned down, Dranalla, Ames, Jon, Karel and rookie Parkin were clearing a large Deepist cell operating from a hidden base withing Gray Mountain, the culmination of which is a partial collapse of the hidden internal fortress that earns victory for the squad.

Months later Gem-Eye Zefelle joins them to stop a war between the lizardfolk and the deadbots who oddly seem to be hiring human mercenaries to fight along side them (using the left over treasures from the dragon's hoard or valuable minerals from beneath the ground respectively). Doing so puts them into conflict with both sides, and as usual the humans prove to be the more dangerous foe.

At a wooden fort Parkin meets his end to the strong hitting mercs before Zefelle slays their commander forcing the lizardfolk to flee. This leaves the region open for the deadbot forces to rampage, briefly even capturing Dranalla before she stealithy escapes (cool solo mission) requiring the Cocks to get some reinforcements of their own: Sir Igwane, Este and Gwynelia.

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