Monday 29 May 2023

Mordhau and The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings must Die

Featuring medieval violence.

The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings must Die

This historical action drama movie is an excellent end to the Last Kingdom TV series as it follows Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) one last time during the passing of King Edward to around 937 AD. The story moves really quickly (maybe too quickly) and does a great job of building up the anticipation for the death of those in the title. Recommended to Last Kingdom fans, as basically it's more of the same. If you didn't like the TV show or haven't watched it, then this probably won't do anything for you.


This multiplayer first (or third) person slash fest boasts lots of customization and spends its 15 minute tutorial showing off how the direction of your swings matter, the timing of parries, ripostes, chambers (attack in opposite direction), how to shoot bows and catapults, how to joust, break doors, repair doors and how to hold the blade of your sword and swing the hilt to better damage heavily armored foes.

Aaaaand then you get into the game, which for me was the PvE horde mode where you need to defend an NPC nobleman from hordes of enemies. Out goes all that technique as the most successful items are fire bombs, spike traps and far swinging halberds while most importantly being naked, so you can run fast. This game is all nice ideas that fall flat when given to actual players. Not recommended.

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