Sunday 14 May 2023

Dark Deity: Fireball to the Face

[Part of the Cursed story line]

Having saved the team from defeat by cut scene, Sara and Samara convince them to help fight against a bigger threat which includes the necromancer they encountered before. The team agrees and go with the princesses to the desert to meet their contacts Corvan the thief and warrior nun Helena who lead them to a monastic arena which contains knowledge to the aspects (artifacts) of the gods, the same thing they believe the necromancer was after.

Aurima, the monk tank within, challenges them to combat for this knowledge and is only defeated after giving Benji a close call with his spear, Elias a burned finger, and Samara a fear of fire. Pleased with the result, the big monk joins them and leads them to a not so well hidden temple further in the sands where warrior priest Vesta is holding off an army of undead! The team rush to her aid and (re)slay the enemy, but not without injury. Sophia is killed by a poisoned arrow, Lincoln gets part of his soul drained, and Irving takes a fireball to the face - annihilating him from existence.

Rolling Damage List:
Irving [DEAD]: -1 Def, *-5 HP
Cia [4/5]: -1 Str
*Benji [3/5]: -2 Luck
*Elias [4/5]: -1 Dex
*Samara [4/5]: -1 Fort
*Sophia [DEAD]: -5 HP
*Lincoln [3/5]: -2 Str

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