Tuesday 2 May 2023

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider and When the Past was Around

Blood and sorrow.

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

I've always enjoyed the Dishonored series as it has that Thief like stealth option where you can simply sneak your way to victory without killing anyone (which is pretty tough). Alternatively you can use your void gifted powers to just absolutely murder everyone or any variation in between. That design is the same here, but unlike Dishonored 2 which lets you do "powerless" run through, this one straight up encourages you to use everything you have - even just for "Quality of Life" displays.

Also, with just five missions it is quite short even though said missions could take a few hours. Or just minutes if you're a blood bath type of player. If you enjoyed the other Dishonored titles, this is an easy one to recommend. It's just more Dishonored (but not as good / in-depth as Dishonored 2). If you haven't played any of the Dishonored series, don't start with this one.

When the Past was Around

This short puzzle game is a work of art with wonderful visuals and really nice music. While the theme of playing a woman battling against grief might not be high on your to do list, this is a rather nice experience which will hit your feelings mostly at the end. There's also not a lot of back tracking which is a huge tick for me. My only two criticisms are that I prefer the music piece in the prologue (but that's minor, the main theme is good too) and some puzzles are totally out there, like a combination lock that includes the numbers of birds and butterflies present in the scene. There are hints but those can be pretty vague. Still recommended though! Good game.

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