Tuesday 23 May 2023

Clarent Saga Tactics: Siegfried lives!

[Part of the Cursed story line]

Siegfried did not die to the Zmey. Instead the amnesiac hero was found wandering in lands far from his own and was taken in by a kind king to recuperate and train with his best soldiers. When this king dies to poison, bishop Ishkur convinces Siegfried to take up arms against the neighboring country led by the king's bastard children.

Dragon knight Gawain takes the lead while crossing the desert to smash down their ballista defenses, and hired blade Minerva manages to make short work of the younger prince once Siegfried's forces reach the enemy capital where they learn his brother has already begun marching onto their home territory.

Instead of pursuing him, Ishkur convinces the team to first go high into the mountains to collect magic weapons stored there (because, where else would you store them right)? Archer sniper Brynhildr snipes down enemy forces waiting along the canyon route, and upon reaching the "magic storage cave" the squad defeats ancient spirits to lay claim to their weaponry. Alas, poor Ishkur does not survive this trial.

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