Wednesday 10 May 2023

Fort Triumph: No Comeuppance

[Part of the Cursed story line]

Lady Aveline leads the survivors to an old scriptorium where her librarians have researched a solution to counter Avathas' immortality. The arrival of Cyron spells the end of his nameless researchers though, but through a combined effort they finally manage to slay the skeleton mage as unexpected help arrives in the form of Trynne Ocean! (For real, the starter mage was dead but apparently the story needed a mage to say some lines so they gave us a new one, lol).

With a second squad of their friends (Este, Ames, Little Pirate, Garrett and Iris) covering them from enemy mercs and disrupting the flow of enemy beetcoins (yes that is the currency, which you farm for), Aveline's party with her original hires go to confront Avathas in his lair, using magic pillars Trynne summons and activates to weaken him. It is Anythera that eventually crushes his skull to permanently end him.

Pleased with this result Lady Aveline pays them in full and clears their name, returning to her estate while Gharbarak quietly vanishes to his goblin commune. A happy ending for everyone?

That was a pretty short campaign and obviously Fort Triumph caters more for PvP with various factions, but other than their graphics the hero units seem functionally the same. Not sure if I'd recommend it.

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