Monday 15 May 2023

Dark Deity: Crossing Field

[Part of the Cursed story line]

After saving her, Vesta basically takes command of the team - ordering them to march to a harbor village to relocate the chest of aspects the undead nearly got their hands on. En route, they find a pitched battle of Aramorans against the forces of King Varic and just beyond a swirling tornado of magic being conjured by another evil looking wizard that said armies are oblivious to. The genius moron Garrick talks the team into rushing through the battlefield to stop the spell, because... what could go wrong with that plan?

Samara gets mind wiped, Corvan and Garrick get slices on their arms, Cia and Elias get concussed, Benji gets an embarrassing scar and Alden is weakened by a poisoned blade before Caius reaches the sorcerer to interrupt his spell. The annoyed wizard then teleports away while the rest of the unit, now an enemy to both sides despite saving them, flees to the docks where they hire the ship of the smuggler/thief Ford. Also on board are the mage Monroe and his spear bodyguard Iris who are handy companions when storm spirits, no doubt sent by the annoyed wizard, attack the vessel at sea but Aurima wipes them out.

Rolling Damage List:
Irving [DEAD]
Cia [4/5]: -1 Str, *-0 Magic
Benji [2/5]: -2 Luck, *-1 Mastery
Elias [2/5]: -1 Dex, *-2 Magic
Samara [3/5]: -1 Fort, *-1 Mastery
Sophia [DEAD]
Lincoln [3/5]: -2 Str
*Corvan [4/5]: -1 Mastery
*Garrick [4/5]: -1 Mastery
*Alden [4/5]: -1 Def

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