Wednesday 24 May 2023

Clarent Saga Tactics: The Second Bastard

[Part of the Cursed story line]

Despite the detour to the "magic storage cave" Siegfried's forces return in time to defend their castle before the second bastard and his army arrives. Despite having twice the size in army, they all surrender after Gawain flies over them and kills their leader.

Siegfried settles in as the new king and takes Brynhildr as his queen while Gawain continues to expand the kingdom over the next year by conquering the next kingdom of Meyr. Prince Abel of Meyr manages to escape the slaughter with trusted mage buddy Pascal to their ally King Arthur of Belsar who agrees to help them retake his kingdom along side trusted knight Sir Percival.

Gawain and his forces are slaughtered, and not content to stop there Arthur leads the team up to the "magic storage cave" where he snipes baddies through the canyon (this Arthur is a kick ass archer) before the team undergoes the trial against spirits to earn more magic weapons... as Siegfried left some behind I guess?

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