Thursday, 25 May 2023

Clarent Saga Tactics: Broken Crowns

[Part of the Cursed story line]

With their own magic weapons on hand, Abel's squad pushes toward Siegfried's castle - defeating his forces and closest allies to take their magic weapons too! Attacking the castle itself results in many of Abel's forces to be depleted but Arthur out snipes Brynhildr and Percival manages to slay Siegfried in his throne room. Abel is established as king of those regions and takes Arthur's sister as his wife.

After Arthur and Percival leave to return to their own kingdom, Pascal informs Abel about an evil cult abducting children on a nearby island so Abel assembles his troops, fights some pirates for their ships, and sails to the wretched place to fight demons and undead. It is here that Pascal reveals himself to be one of the head cultists and betrays him - sacrificing Abel and his team for demonic purposes.

With his fall the cult quickly take over most of the continent, but a small group of time travelers composed of Cain (Abel's son), Awan (daughter of Siegfried), clerics Sarah and Sin, Blossom the mage and Lilith the dancer arrive to stop them. Somehow "dancer" is one of the best character classes here, as she can let someone else have an entire turn again. This eventually upgrades to "bard" which lets four people move again!

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