Wednesday 31 May 2023

Shapez and Recipe for Disaster

Surprise engine builders.

Recipe for Disaster

This might sound like a cooking game, but in reality it is a decoration / micro management one where you design your restaurant to be most appealing to the public, order the required ingredients for the dishes your hired staff know about, and assign these staff duties like wait this table and that table but not that table and also cook the lobster while cleaning the toilet. All while balancing the budget! Bleh. Definitely not my kind of game.


Unlike the above, there is no budget in this almost idle harvesting game. In it you must construct conveyor belts to transport the required shapes needed by your factory per level. At the start it's easy - get some squares or circles but later on when it asks for half a square with a fourth semi circle and a fourth triangle all of different colors that's going to trip you up as each function needs another machine. One to rotate the shape so the next machine does the right thing, one to cut, one to join, probably more than one to color (because colors need to be harvested and mixed too). It can be a tricky and massive puzzle, or it can just be annoying. Guess which one it was for me? Not recommended.

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