Monday 22 May 2023

Warframe: The Duviri Paradox

When feelings spiral out of control.

This update is so much fun. After playing through the main Duviri story which would only be at most three hours, you are then invited to return to the emotional dreamscape in one of three modes: "The Lone Story" is basically the speed run version of doing 6 tasks to get construction materials from the end boss. "The Duviri Experience" has the 6 main tasks but also has TONS of side activities to do in Duviri's open world and "The Circuit" which is for people that just want to stay in warframes - an endless cycle of standard warframe missions but with the twist that you can pick what rewards you are working towards.

The Duviri Experience is my favorite mode, and I stay in that world for much longer after the six "main" tasks are done to the point that I kinda forget I'm playing Warframe. I think its because every little thing you do lets you power up via "decrees". Maybe you killed a bad guy patrol, or solved a puzzle, went fishing, or played warframe guitar hero - bam! You get a decree which powers you up and these stack till you leave Duviri, at which point you need to start from scratch. For me, that's just fine because you get so overpowered so quickly it is great fun. It's even better in a group because if any individual does any task anywhere on the map, the entire team gets rewarded!

Decrees also help mitigate the fact that you might not have your regular gear on hand. This is because at the start of each Duviri outing you must choose from a limited, randomized pool of warframes and weapons to bring. While some will be what you own, there will be things that you don't thrown in the mix (unless you are legendary rank 3 and own everything I guess). There are always three times in the main quest where you'll need to use a warframe, and if you're stuck with unfamiliar or weak items you might be in trouble... OR NOT, because those decrees carry on into the warframe mode too - so as long as you are overloaded with boons, you should be fine regardless.

Excellent update, and if Soulframe is anything like this I'm definitely going to look into it. If you'd prefer a more visual experience of Duviri without downloading Warframe, DL has put up some videos.

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