Saturday 27 May 2023

Clarent Saga Tactics: Clarent in Space

[Part of the Cursed story line]

The cultist isle is surprisingly empty, until Pascal shows up again and takes the team to fight in space!? Here demons just continuously spawn and both Minerva and Arthur meet their end. Cain works out that this Pascal is actually Baal (complete with two transformations) and the team get to work slaying him, which is an interesting loop.

Basically they position in such a way that Lilith lets lots of attacks and heals happen in one round, letting most of the team hammer Baal while Blossom and Sin deal with all the adds. Eventually Baal's third form is destroyed and the survivors return as heroes: Cain and Awan rule as king and queen, Blossom and Lilith build an orphanage and retire from adventuring, and Sin continues to hunt for leftover cultists as a witch hunter.

Oh, and why was it called the "Clarent" saga? Because Baal's magic weapon is the Clarent. Obviously... The end!

A bit of a silly story with lots of repeating maps (seriously that magic storage cave was annoying) but a decent enough tactic game. If you'd like to try it out it's free on steam!

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