Thursday 11 May 2023

GTFO: ALT R2A1 - The Dig

With ALT R1 out of the way it's time to venture into ALT R2, and this one isn't too hard if you're already an experienced group like us. If not, you're about to get more experience dealing with medium sleeper clusters and some solo scouts! Our loadout was as follows:

Me: Pistol/Revolver/Cfoam/Spear
DL: DMR/Sniper Rifle/Mines/Hammer
Jim: Rifle/Machine Gun/Sniper Sentry/Hammer
[Bot]: DMR/Heavy Assault Rifle/Biotracker/Hammer

Today's mission is to collect two pieces of cargo and return it to the extraction spot and the basic rule as usual while clearing is: don't break any doors. From the drop clear what you've got and you'll find yourself facing two security doors, but the one to the North needs an access key so ignore that and go through the non-alarm one to the West.

This room holds three corridors and six regular doors which you should try keep intact while clearing. Somewhere here is the key and two more class II alarm doors, one to the West and one to the South. Behind one of these is the first cargo item so ping and open the correct door (ours was South). We tried to funnel the wave here by leaving the middle two doors and bottom left door open, but they still decided to break the bottom right door... bleh, whatever.

Behind either door of those class II doors is a scout, and since we were feeling gun-brave we just let DL snipe it and handled whatever woke up. After taking the cargo to the extraction spot its time to go for the previously locked Northern door which is a class IV alarm. A little trickier to setup so DL put mines on all the doors and we closed everything we could. Sniper sentry was set facing the West security door which is now permanently open. I foamed what I could as well as the floor of that open door.

Anyway, this is one of those "fight well" moments and it wasn't that tough. There are some giants that come so watch your corners but you should be ok. Last chamber has last cargo item and another scout for DL to snipe. Before taking it to extraction we prepped by cfoam and mining the right hand door while cfoam and sentry waited along the left corridor since that door was broken now.

The extract scan is a slower one so put the cargo down in the circle and get ready to defend as little strikers will be coming for you. Nothing overly dramatic if you are expecting it. :)

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