Thursday 4 May 2023

Wildermyth: No Good Bot

[Part of the Cursed story line]

Retaking a village from the deadbot army, the heroes encounter their leader: Hally! She, Erklebits and a number of other deadbots have taken to skin grafting to regain some human appearance - a technique taught by their new master: the Vulture Lord who personally destroyed their soul when he exploded Misia and the mechanical heart upon her refusal of his alliance offer. Some of their mercs have done the opposite, infusing robot parts instead of their own limbs.

In the battle that follows, Hally personally kills Karel before she and the other bots are torn to pieces by the now badly wounded heroes. While searching for the Vulture Lord, Igwane discovers a magical tear that pulls him into the dimension of the bugs who telepathically tell his allies where the Vulture is hiding - Gray Mountain. This is their "payment" for abducting the hapless knight.

With the tear gone and no way to save their companion the Cocks focus instead on a new assault upon Gray Mountain, this time guarded by many human soldiers, flame birds and a gigantic flame spewing golem. Ames has become a pretty powerful wizard now though and tosses its fire back into the foes, slaying many while the rest act as steel versus steel.

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