Tuesday 16 May 2023

Dark Deity: One Finger Discount

[Part of the Cursed story line]

At a remote island fortress where they secure the god aspects, Vesta's superiors are hesitant to aid the mainland and instead order her and her allies to undertake the trial of soul to either kill them or make them stronger. WTF? Worse, they don't know the location of said trial and instead instruct the company to go into the forest and steal a magic compass from the "feral" tribal elves to guide them to this trial and are accompanied by less-tribal elves Maeve (archer), Thae'lanel (psycho spear guy) as well as Wren the murderer. The superiors also make it clear that they don't want to see the team again, under any circumstances because they're super friendly like that.

The tribal elves are a serious problem and harass the column the entire way to their death trap temple, which is complete with spike traps and poison gas. Brooke and her rapier win an epic duel against tribal spear living doll guardian Nao before snatching the device and getting out of there but there are some serious injuries sustained: Samara goes insane and throws herself on a spike trap, Benji has his soul burned away, and Garrick loses a finger. The compass points to a location at sea and sure enough they find a temple there that warns "the only foes you will face are the ones you bring" so Aurima goes alone to fight himself and wins / loses?

Rolling Damage List:
Irving [DEAD]
Cia [4/5]: -1 Str, -0 Magic
Benji [DEAD]: -2 Luck, -1 Mastery, *-2 Str
Elias [2/5]: -1 Dex, -2 Magic
Samara [DEAD]: -1 Fort, -1 Mastery, *-4 HP
Sophia [DEAD]
Lincoln [3/5]: -2 Str
Corvan [4/5]: -1 Mastery
Garrick [3/5]: -1 Mastery, *-1 Dex
Alden [4/5]: -1 Def

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