Tuesday 9 May 2023

Fort Triumph: Backstabbing Everybody

[Part of the Cursed story line]

Even underground, bounty hunters and mercenaries manage to track the squad but the Cocks find a surprising ally in Cyron - an undead bone mage who claims the goblin warlord is wielding a scepter that enslaves the dead. Cyron helps the team defeat their pursuers and the weak undead serving the goblins but upon beating up General Gharbarak he quickly betrays them and steals the scepter for himself before vanishing.

In exchange for his aid and information, Gharbarak - who works for Lady Aveline - is spared from execution as he explains Cyron works for Avathas and the scepter is his backup plan should he be killed: Cyron will raise him as a lich!? Clearly Cyron knows how to use the scepter much more proficiently than the goblin.

In hopes to stop this, the team and Gharbarak pursue Cyron into the deeper crypts where they find Lady Aveline and her quickly diminishing troop being ambushed by undead! Rushing to her aid once more they fight off waves of undead, followed by her raised guards, followed by more mercenaries who manage to slay the sorceress! Only, the slay the wrong one - stabbing Rue to death before being eliminated. Down a member the entire party must really flee when Avathas the Lich arrives as he is invulnerable to attack!

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