Tuesday 9 May 2023

Fort Triumph: The Assassin is You

[Part of the Cursed story line]

An increase of goblin activity leads Lady Aveline to hire Even, Rue, Macius, and Anythera to sort it out. While going from village to village the team meets up with Paladin Lord Avathas who is also taking measures to stem the goblin threat but instead of allying with the Cocks, he orders them to stand down as to not take away from his glory.

The team go to Lady Aveline's residence to report this just in time to save her from some mercs (though she probably could have handled them herself given her magic proficiency), and she persists that they go out-do her political rival Avathas. They proceed to engage the main goblin army led by their goblin general Gharbarak who also has some skeletons in his ranks? Avathas is also here and already attacking, but he is assassinated mid-engagement by a human soldier!

Outnumbered by the goblins the team drops pillars and trees on their enemies (the game strongly encourages scenery destruction) while retreating to the underground. Soon after Lady Aveline convinces the rest of the realm that they were the ones who murdered Avathas and promises to bring them to justice.

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