Sunday 24 July 2022

Warframe: Chroma and Xaku

The dragon and the skeleton who are both piece-meal frames.


After collecting his main blueprint from the quest "The New Strange", you'll notice Chroma is actually made up of a bunch of other warframe pieces - Volt, Ember, Frost and Saryn. Thanks to that last one being locked behind Kela de Thaym on Sedna who requires you to win Sedna arena matches before you can fight her, it might be awhile before you can make this guy. It is quite thematic though since he can use any of the elements (Lightning, Fire, Ice and Toxin) in his abilities.

He can breathe [element], ward an area with [element], use his pelt like Dr. Strange's cloak as a buddy to guard an area using [element] or Vex Armor which improves your armor if your shields are hit and improves weapon damage if health takes a hit. Do you see a problem with Vex Armor? Yep. You must get hit to benefit from it. Since his pelt is not mobile and doesn't use your weapons it isn't as good as a spectre or Wukong's twin, and the whole mechanic of tap this button to cycle something and hold it down to use isn't great for me. Not a frame I ended up keeping for very long.


With the main blueprint available from "the Heart of Deimos" quest, you can collect the rest of his blueprints from Cambion Drift bounties. Lore wise this frame is actually composed from remnants of lost warframes which might explain its unique skeletal look. It is the only frame so far that can add void damage, pull enemy firearms away and then have them float along and fire back at his foes, explode his outer layer and run around as bones which lets him move faster and autododge 75% of any damage, and "cycle through a trio of powers" ugh. Boiled down these are charm, hold person, and damage beam.

While it is an interesting one to use, it mostly caught my attention for the void damage bonus. 75% evasion is not as good as the 100% god-armor (mesmer skin) of the Revenant or 100% not being attacked of an invisible Loki. Eventually I ended up burying this skeleton back in the ground.


  1. Chroma is definitely an odd duck. He can be incredibly tanky, but to maximize his group buffs and his self-buff that make him so good for eidolon hunts you pretty much have to use your secondary weapon as your "hurt myself to buff myself" weapon and be ready to set that up just before the vuln phase of the mob.

    He can also be a decent looter frame in defense missions, but ... meh. Rhino has a nice group buff too and you just hit the button to activate it, not blow yourself up and then do it ;-)

    Xaku... all I remember of that frame is that I ranked it to 30 and put it away and haven't looked at it since.

    1. Lol I never thought of a self harming path! :P What would you use for that - an angstrum?

    2. The best one is a throwing weapon that explodes. I don't recall it off the top of my head. But you can set it up to do enough damage to max out the buff, but not so much that you 1-shot yourself.

      *Looks it up*

      And it looks like changes were made in 2021 that make it so you can't damage yourself anymore, so that is no longer a viable thing. But yeah, there's a mod that you can add on any thrown weapon that makes them into AoE weapons. You'd just toss 4 or 5 at your own feet, they'd blow up, and it'd take you down about 50%, cast your buffs, and then go to town. But since oyu can't damage yourself anymore, just stagger yourself instead..... no bueno.