Tuesday, 5 July 2022

Warframe: Hydroid and Yareli

These water based warframes are weird.


Collected by beating up Vay Hek on Earth (which is a pretty easy fight) you can create your very own "Arrr I'm a Pirate" frame who can make it rain, summon kraken, and I kid you not: turn into water. That's actually my favorite of his abilities - to turn into a pool on the floor which drowns anything that steps on you. This form also makes you invulnerable, as slow as a snail, and drains your energy quickly. While it is fun to see your enemies get tentacled, his game play just felt slow. Not a warframe I kept very long. On the plus side, if I want him back - it's super easy to get.


Unlike Hydroid, Yareli is a much longer acquisition on Venus as you must complete the Vox Solaris quest AND the Waverider quest afterwards to get her blueprints, which you can only build at a new lab created in your dojo. While those quests are pretty cool, nabbing resources to actually build this surfer chick might take awhile. And yes, her whole stint is that she is on a K-drive / hover board creature and can "surf" around really quickly - or if you stay still she has cute idle animations, because that's what you'll be doing in missions right?

She can also make bubbles to trap and damage enemies, and have water blades circling her for extra melee damage which is pretty cool as you are limited to your side arm while surfing. Ultimately she is very fast, but you need to REALLY enjoy the hover board mechanics if you want to use her fully.


  1. Hydroid is pretty much only used as a loot-enhancer for farming runs. His #4 ability has an enhancement mod that doubles drops (or has a chance to double them? Been a while so I don't recall exactly). Basically if you're doing a farming run with your clan then you want a Nekros and a Hydroid along.

    I can honestly say the only time I've seen Yareli in use was by me when I was ranking her up, and I didn't really care for how she played, so.. yeah.

    1. Guess they can't all be god-frames right? :P