Wednesday 13 July 2022

Warframe: Gara and Garuda

Two frames you acquire through bounties and while the blueprint RNG can be a bit annoying it's harvesting all the planet side resources to build that might take awhile. Before we talk about those we have a new code to redeem on the market today: TENNOCON2022, which gives some credits and resources which are always useful.


Collected from Cetus bounties, lore wise Gara is the glass warrior as that's what all her abilities revolve around. She can summon a glass long sword, wears glass armor that can passively blind enemies if she stands in light and shatter to have a cutting aura, trick enemies into attacking a carousel of mirrors and my favorite: create a circular glass wall which also turns enemies caught within to turn into glass. Only in that last instance (enemies) is glass brittle, because in Warframe glass is apparently super strong!

That glass wall is fantastic in defense as it combines both the area denial from Vauban's Bastille and bullet protection of Frost's snow globe with the downside that with enough damage, the wall will break. If you intentionally shatter the wall with the glass sword it can do massive damage too. Pretty cool frame though it takes some getting used to.


Collected from Fortuna bounties, Garuda quite literally enjoys bloodbaths as she is the only frame that I've seen so far to graphically get more and more bloody. She likes blood so much that the more she kills, the more damage she does. She hurts herself to cleanse statuses and do more damage as well, and can quickly kill or impale foes into a gruesome decoration that regenerates health and energy. Best of all, she can leap to a foe which generates an indestructible forward facing shield that eats blood which forms into a floating heart.

This heart has no limit to the amount it can consume, and when you feel like it you can unleash all of it as damage into an enemy group at the cost of dropping the shield and starting again at zero. Gameplay with Garuda is very dynamic and very fun, but also kinda risky. I definitely like this more than Valkyr and its more fun to play than Gara, but it loses when it comes to utility which means the Gara will hang around my ship for longer.


  1. Gara's one I see others use to great benefit, but for me I always feel like I'm somehow behind the curve. It's another one I just don't click with.

    Garuda is everything on paper that I don't like, but playing it can be pretty fun. As you say, tough.... no utility, so I tend not to really use it much other than the occasional Hydron run or something.

    1. Strangest thing for me with Gara is that you really need to jump before casting that glass wall so that it's tall, otherwise it's just warframe height which is serviceable but easily lost in uneven terrain.