Tuesday 19 July 2022

Warframe: Vehicles

There's a surprising amount of rides available in Warframe so I thought I'd just quickly cover those off, at least the ones available before the New War anyway.

Orbiter / Landing Craft

Your main base and home which you get near the start of the game, and can be decorated and painted how you see fit. The craft itself can be changed from the default "Liset" with a lot of scavenging and building or a lot of platinum. Each has their own version air support which I've not ever used so far.


Made early on from a quest with the same name, this jetpack basically lets you fly around in space which unlocks a lot of missions for you. I highly recommend taking the time out to get the archwing launcher though, and the painful oxium grind is worth it when it lets you use the archwing in atmosphere as it simplifies many of the open world bounties.

If you max out your Solaris United syndicate standing in Venus, you can also then start working for Vox Solaris syndicate and their Orb Mother heists. Part three grants you the tech to use those heavy archguns in atmosphere too, unlocking a heavy weapon slot in your arsenal which is pretty nifty as it can then be used in ANY mission.


Finishing the Vox Solaris quest (which is easily acquirable by visiting Venus as opposed to the Vox Solaris syndicate who are standing locked behind Solaris United) grants you a free K-Drive / Hoverboard. It's a pretty easy quest line and the default board will serve as a good steed until you get that in atmosphere archwing. Note that this can only be used in open world settings. If you want to use it in regular missions you'll need Yareli.


Built during the Rising Tide quest which I previously wrote about, its surprisingly easier to build this large space cruiser than it is to get that in atmosphere archwing. The game mode it introduces is one I very much enjoy too and as a plus, the credits and resources in space are plentiful!


Without a doubt the most annoying vehicle to build are the big pilotable robots on Deimos. While you can sample one in the Heart of Deimos quest line, owning your own requires increasing standing with the Entrati family as well as a few other syndicates to get blueprints needed for the build and then mining, fishing and harvesting for the parts - the most irritating of which are the "damaged" necramech parts themselves.

Yes you read that correctly, because for some reason you can't build one from scratch - you need to do Isolation Vault bounties to go into the impressively labyrinthine tunnels beneath Deimos and defeat "evil" necramechs for their parts. Pray to RNGesus because while a single part often drops (but not always) that part might not be the 1 in 4 that you need. On the plus side these can be traded so if you have many engines but need a casing you might be able to side step the grind with some social connections.

As a plus, your built Necramech comes with a decent heavy gun that you can also use in your archwing or in atmosphere if you have unlocked the heavy weapon slot. Why do that? Because the heavy weapon slot is available in every mission while the Necramech is limited to open world stuff - but it sure tears things up when you have one.

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