Sunday 10 July 2022

Top Gun: Maverick

Talk to me Goose.

Since Maverick (Tom Cruise) never got over the events from the previous movie, which you don't really need to watch as there are quick flashback sections for it, he remains at a rank where superiors can push him around and create drama. Luckily he is also the pilot with the most dog fighting experience in recent history which is why he is recruited back into "Top Gun" to train some top tier pilots to do one particularly difficult mission.

It's a simple premise when boiled down, but it does everything perfectly - especially the flight segments. There's good tension where there needs to be, good character building, decent humor, and is captivating and entertaining at the same time. Highly, highly recommended. I give this five geese out of five.


  1. That's very weird, since after the ending of the original Top Gun he decided to go back and become an instructor at Top Gun in the first place. Or has that been retconned out of existence?

    1. Oooh, sorry Redbeard - slight spoiler then: He was fired from that position and starts the movie somewhere else. :P

    2. Pfft. That's a Blizzard style epic handwave, not a spoiler.