Thursday, 30 June 2022

Warframe: Banshee and Valkyr

Not many warframes can vocalize but these two certainly break that trend by being loud! Which when you think about it, is not really a good trait for a space ninja. :P


One of the more easily attainable frames from your clan's Tenno Lab, this warframe is all about sound - able to track enemies using sonar, sonic booming them, or my favorite "sound quake" which does damage to all enemies within a particular radius of you and at lower levels feels super OP. Unfortunately I didn't get to try out her silence ability much which apparently is also a good crowd controller, but my main problem with her is fragility, which is ironic given Loki has less health and shields.

Maybe I just built / used her wrong but I never found the sweet spot of "this is a good frame to play", because either I had energy and was curb stomping enemies or more often, I didn't (sound quake drains a lot of energy) and had to rely on weapons. You know, like a warframe that has zero powers? Doesn't help that you can't move while doing sound quake which makes you easy sniper practice.


The result of Alad V's scientific torture has made this frame a berserker. Why you would reconstruct something in the state that its been tortured instead of brand new is a good question, but let's not ask it and instead focus on the strange conundrum presented by it: clearly it's meant for close quarters combat. But she's fragile?

Valkyr has a shout that improves friendly attack speed and diminishes enemy attack speed if they are close enough. She can paralyze enemies that are close enough by sacrificing her shields. She can go berserk and use inbuilt talons to rip things up in melee. She also has a grapple to shoot which pulls her to the target, to get her up close and personal. She's the best at what Wolverine does.

But damn it doesn't feel like it when I played her. Good armor never seems to make up for lousy shields, and when I'd get up close yes - many things would die but each fight put her closer and closer to death. Compared to a perma-invis Loki or a tiny razorwing Titania who never gets hit? That's a no brainer. Sure, it takes them longer to kill stuff but they'll be just as strong after each fight.

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