Thursday 28 July 2022

Mom (TV Series)

An addictive series that deals with addiction.

This eight season uplifting comedy follows the lives of a mother daughter duo (wonderfully portrayed by Anna Faris and Allison Janney) who are both recovering addicts that start out vehemently hating each other. The sharp writing excellently handles the light hearted comedy with sudden, very heavy topics being thrown in the mix and back again which makes almost all the characters endearing with loads of room for growth. 

We could watch this show all day.

This trait makes it easy to overlook the lower budget technical stuff (like green screen) used here, as well as how it becomes quite noticeable how little anyone actually eats despite a good chunk of the show taking place at a bistro. Just very minor points on an overall very entertaining and fun series. Highly recommended, and as a plus, the episodes run for a very short 20 minutes which makes it easy to dip your toe in.


  1. My wife and I enjoyed it for quite a while, but I think we fell off after the 5th season. No idea why, I think we just kinda stopped watching tv or something. Might have to look at watching the last few seasons now that you've reminded me.