Thursday 14 July 2022

Warframe: Nezha and Wukong

A pair of Chinese themed warframes available from the Tenno lab.


Fire is the main theme for Nezha, who can leave a trail of stat cleansing flames for allies or just actual fire for enemies wherever he walks, throw a flaming Frisbee that he can teleport to or spin it around to be near invulnerable for a few seconds and lastly he can impale an area of enemies onto spears, because Nezha clearly loves to BBQ. His passive of being able to slide faster and farther on all that BBQ oil just emphasizes this (or ok I just like BBQ and it has nothing to do with it).

But his is a slow cooking BBQ, unlike the Ember who if I recall correctly is all "fireball" and "meteor swarm". In fact, he basically felt like a more flame oriented and slightly better Excalibur to me where he wasn't bad at anything, and quite speedy and tanky (probably very tanky if geared right).


Based on the Monkey King, this frame's passive is that the first five times it should die/go into bleed out, it simply doesn't. He can also summon an exalted staff, turn into a cloud which lets him fly invisibly while being immortal and status cleansed for a few seconds (but you can spam it, even in mid air), defy all damage (again being immune) by simply taking all the hits and then returning them in an AoE attack, and my favorite: summon a celestial twin which is basically like a free and super active specter who will use range if you are on melee and vice versa.  

An excellent frame if you have good weapons, especially since you can summon a specter on top of using the celestial twin. I heavily used this for doing the Index mission sections in the Glast Gambit quest armed with a Zarr and Sydon and had a really hard time letting it go due to frame slot constraints. At least I don't need to grind for the blueprints if I want it back.


  1. Nezha was sometimes called "Fast Flaming Rhino" since his shield operates similarly to Rhino's stoneskin, the spears are a rough analog to Rhino's stomp, and the @1 ability is sorta-similar to Rhino's charge. Personally, I like to mod for long duration and just drop flames everywhere. Mobs I never even see run through the flames that last for over a minutes and die, while with the shield I'm invulnerable, so.... fun at times, especially on defense missions where I can just lay down sheets of flame around the spot to be defended, but otherwise a bit meh for me.

    Wukong got a massive re-work a few years ago. I was pretty good with him before then, but haven't really played him much since then. I'd say he's a much more powerful frame now than he was, but I never got used to his new feel, so I can't really say much about him other than that I loved him in the old days, so I'm sure if I gave him more play time I'd probably love him more now.

    1. Now I'm curious as to what the Wukong was before... :O

    2. I don't really recall it so well since it's been so long, but it was pretty much just that what's now his passive used to be basically "hit #2 and you're absolutely invulnerable." His staff was pretty low damage, but you could stat-stick it to be semi-decent (it's much stronger now). 3 was a very useful movement power, and 1 was the "yeah, it's a joke don't bother" power. Some sort of low power blast or something, definitely not the twin power it is now.

      Biggest reason to use him was the #2 that made you invulnerable while still allowing full mobility and weapon use. It wasn't actually perfect invulnerability and you had to refresh it and whatnot, plus it used energy so you still had to make sure you were picking up the blue balls or dropping energy plates to survive, so it wasn't brainless play, but it let you "die" several times before you needed to worry about it, so it had a lot of cushion built in to it, unlike other frame that had active defenses that if they went down, that's it you were dead. Wukong could recover.... and that safety net made him popular despite his skills otherwise kinda sucking.

      My clan had a rank advancement requirement of soloing Mot for 45 minutes. I used Wukong to do it.