Thursday 21 July 2022

Warframe: Solaris United Standing

Since there's a bit of content gated behind maxing out the Solaris United (SU) standing I thought I'd put up some quick tips on how to grind that quickly, though your mileage may vary since there is a daily cap that is directly related to your current mastery rank. More mastery rank lets you gain more standing per day, but gaining mastery rank is a grind in itself! :P

First you absolutely need transportation, so finish the Vox Solaris quest to get a K-drive board at minimum to help do bounties. Realistically I'd say put this off until you've build an archwing launcher though as it really speeds up everything.

Each "level" of friendship with SU also requires a tithe of items that can sometimes be bought from Ticker at a steep cost - but more likely you will need to grind out the bounties for the appropriate debt-bonds as each tier drops the relevant debt-bond. Ideally work on these first so that you don't get "gated" as you rank up.

Buy a Sunpoint Plasma drill from Smokefinger in Fortuna when you can, as it is cheap, a really good mining tool and you can trade mined stuff for minor standing. The cave just North West of the Transit Depot in Orb Vallis is a great place to dig as long as you don't mind the occasional Corpus patrol (usually two by the time you've dug all the spots).

Once you have an archwing launcher also get a tranq rifle, either from The Business in Fortuna or Son on Deimos. Having this pair of items will fast track your standing using this simple method:

-Set your session to friends or solo only
-Go to Orb Vallis and ignore all the hunting markers
-Fly directly North of Fortuna (if you ever need to find it again, just go directly South and look for the black smoke)
-As you fly you will pass a few clusters of giant mushrooms, the furthest being in a valley beside the Temple of Profit
-Go back and forth between this valley and the previous cluster you passed on the nearby mountain ridge
-You are hunting sawgaws (birds) that usually spawn in groups of three that land on said mushrooms, they make a distinct cawing sound. Hard to shoot at from the ground - easy if you are flying.
-Tranq and capture each and repeat going between those two mushroom points. Each normal sawgaw will give you 400-800 standing, and they spawn pretty quickly - sometimes as rares which give even more standing.
-Once they don't give standing on capture you've either reached your cap for the day or the "wall" that needs you to upgrade your standing with Eudico.

That's it. Pretty simple once you are at that point, so your main hurdles reaching it will really be getting the archwing launcher and collecting the debt-bonds from Ticker or Eudico's bounties. Focus on those first and you'll be sweet.

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