Sunday 17 July 2022

Warframe: Equinox and Revenant

Night and Day and Dead?


Farmed by punching Tyl Regor at Uranus over and over, this one is a bit of a pain to build since it requires more blueprints than most other warframes - naturally eating more resources. Luckily those resources are pretty common so it's more the credit cost that will sting. Once done you have a warframe that functions as two warframes!? Unfortunately this isn't in the cool way like the Wukong twin, but instead the Equinox has a night and day mode each with their own set of powers. Basically for one frame you get SEVEN powers! Isn't that cool!?

She can enrage enemies or put them to sleep, reduce enemy damage or increase ally damage, and lastly can make enemies bleed or increase allies shields. Just from that list you can tell that she is heavily weapons reliant, and designed with a squad in mind. Obviously I didn't like it. :P


While you need his main blueprint from the Mask of the Revenant quest, his other parts are available from the higher level Earth Bounties. This thing feels like a much better Nekros in theme and power. It can force enemies to fight for it (which is viral in that afflicted enemies "charm" the next enemies they hit and so on), turn into mist that does a % damage to enemies while being immortal and restoring health and shields, twirl around with lasers that automatically use the damage enemies are least resistant to, and my favorite - a spammable "turn on armor" with a set number of charges that absorbs all damage per hit making him effectively immortal.

I'll describe that last one a little better: turn on the armor gives you say 6 "charges". Take a hit of 1 damage or 1 million damage absorbs one charge. You can be hit 5 more times without taking any scratches to your shields or health. Or you know, turn on the armor again so you are back to 6 charges. Whaaaat? He is pretty simple to use and is great even unmodded, which is why he's now going to be permanently in my stable while I plug reactor potatoes and formas into him. Fantastic frame, just a little power hungry.


  1. Equinox is actually an extremely powerful caster... when fully potato'd and forma'd and all of that. That said, she's always felt very squishy to me -- big time glass cannon -- so I've never really done much with the frame either.

    For Revenant, I've really nly just ranked him up to 30 and not much else. I wasn't terribly impressed in the rank-up process, but he's considered to be one of the better/easier-to-use frames, and obviously you like him too, so I think I may need to give him another look sometime soon.

    1. Squishy is exactly the right word to describe Equinox. Revenant is not squishy. =P Revenant's reave (#3) is an odd one / hard one to use though. That's his only power I'm not too sold on.