Saturday 9 July 2022

GTFO: R7B2 - Dense (Main)

No baby sitting this time as the main mission simply involves terminal uplinks and as you might have guessed, very dense but non-poisonous fog. Loadouts this time were:

Me*: PDW/High Caliber Pistol/Shotgun Sentry/Spear
DL: DMR/Presicion Rifle/Mines/Hammer
Jim: HEL Shotgun/Precision Rifle/Shotgun Sentry/Hammer
[Bot]: HEL Revolver/Machinegun/Shotgun Sentry/Hammer

*I was testing weapons and forgot to bring ice. Oops! That said, I guess it means it can be done without ice. :P

From the drop, clear and loot then find the regular scan security door to the East. There's a tiny room of fog which if inhabited by sleepers is easiest cleared by shooting into the room and luring them out to the previous hallway. Lots of fog repellers are provided, but only use one or two to traverse to the SE door up a ladder to look for a key. This unlocks the security door in the fog pit which is a class IV cluster alarm and all the circles are in the terrible fog. Before starting that seal all the doors on the map and particularly ice/mine/inner sentry the one directly West of the first security door (from the drop point heading North, it is the first door on your right) as that is where all the baddies will come from. Use repellers here as you will definitely need to fight while doing the last few scans.

Continue making your way North to a large chamber where you'll find the first terminal uplink. Enemies will be spawning from the South while you must type in the security codes (x4) displayed on your screen (which you can't see if you are using the terminal lol). Also, you need to stay near the terminal for your typed codes to validate, but you can "look away" to help shoot. Communication with your teammates is handy.

You then need to go East through the blood door (just mine it, open and run away then shoot whatever comes out). For all blood doors always run back to cover as salvo-shooting hybrids often are behind them. I don't think there were any with this first one though. Find the key in here then go all the way West to unlock a checkpoint scan! Yay! Beyond this you'll find a large pit with both a bulkhead key and the bulkhead controls which is where you can choose to do extra missions on top of the main one.

Since we're only doing Main, select that and open the bulkhead which is a blood door. We defended the narrow passage/cliff to the right of the door since that made a pretty good kill corridor and had cover to hide from hybrid fire. Proceed as far North as you can until you get to a huge room with a sea of mist. There is a class V alarm (all team scans, so no "holding the door" tactics) which WILL put you in and out of that dense soup so make sure the room is clear, shut all previous doors to the bulkhead room, and particularly ice/mine/sentry the single door that leads into the fog sea room which you are defending. Use fog repellers and fight well. If you win, the door also turns into a checkpoint scan. Yay!

The next terminal is near, just travel in a tight U to find it in a small corridor submerged in fog. There are three doors into here, so use whatever gear you have left to defend. For non terminal users, jump on top of the terminal as with fog repellers this gives some decent sightlines across the whole room. Uplink the four security codes like last time and fight well. If you survived, good job! Now head East towards extraction while closing doors behind you. The last chamber is a big one with three scouts. I recommend bopping them quietly (or bopping 2 and shooting the last) but if you stuff up you'll need to fight more. Hopefully you shut those doors to buy yourself some time.

The door to extraction is under lockdown, to unlock it you need to go to the left of it and down into the dense fog beside the bridge (ignore stairs, just use the metal ramp near the wall to go up and down). Type in the command and get through the door. If you can do that without even touching the scouts you can. Get through the last door and onto extraction to GTFO!

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