Sunday 3 July 2022

Warframe: Limbo and Mirage

Lore wise there are a few warframes that actually "died" (if not all of them, since you are technically piecing them together again), and these two whose blueprints are dedicated quest rewards definitely fit the bill.


Having died because she ran out of energy gives you an idea about the power hungry abilities Mirage has, and they are all super neat. She can make mirror images which still shoot real bombs and bullets based on your own equipped weapons, create traps from item drops and summon a deadly disco ball of laser beams which looks amazingly cool. She is one of the best frames to use in Sanctuary Onslaught and basically is an all around ass kicker. However with low defenses she is the very definition of a glass cannon and will often be the first to go down, especially once she runs out of power. Still a super fun frame but ultimately one I just had to cut loose due to lack of utility.


This void walker killed himself by trying to traverse across a few too many planets in one jump. Not to worry, you're not silly enough to try that again. Instead you must keep mental track of what is in the void and what isn't, because that is the main focus of Limbo who can both access and send others into the void and real realms. The only rule is that what is in what realm cannot interact with the other. This makes him ultra powerful and at the same time ultra annoying. Don't want to fight that thing? Send it to the void. Or you go into the void and avoid everything - except for that strong thing you forgot you put in the void! Now I need to type into the console... oh wait, I need to be in the real world to do that. Bleh!

It's a bit worse when you have team mates who aren't used to Limbo powers as they will undoubtedly waste attacks on something in the opposite realm because they accidentally entered one of Limbo's portals or Limbo sent that enemy there, possibly using the gigantic sphere attack which also pulls them out of the void as it shrinks? I never got the hang of it as it wasn't fun for me, and so I let this frame slip back into the void.


  1. When modded properly Mirage is a) extremely tanky and b) never runs out of power. Perhaps look up some mod loadouts for her? I don't use her much becuz she's so boring to use becuz she kills everything around her and just won't ever die.

    Limbo is awesome in defense missions (especially the ones where you defend an NPC, just send it to the void. . .) but I totally hear you on the whole "it's hard to keep track of what is and isn't in the void" thing. I like Limbo well enough in low-level content, but in higher I struggle to use him effectively, that's for sure.

    1. That's definitely not the feeling I got with the Mirage but obviously I just didn't build her right, or maybe I didn't have the mods to do so. That might be a recurring theme in these posts! :P

      Worth noting that due to my limited game time and limited warframe space the frame needs to shine for me without having any orokin reactor / forma installed so that's another thing that may skewer my perception.

    2. Yeah, that'll skew perception for sure. All frames at least need a "potato" to double their mod capacity and then most frames need 2-3 formas in them and then maxed out mods (and the right ones, of course) before they unlock their "full potential." And then arcanes and operator focus waybounds and such can and do make a large difference also, especially Zenurik for those power-hungry frames or Naramon for melee focused ones.

      There are a few frames here and there that only need 1 forma, but they're few and far between. Several are "fine" with no forma, but they won't really shine unless there's a decent investment of potato and forma in them, and no frame is very good without at least having a potato, no matter what.