Tuesday 26 July 2022

Warframe: Archons of the New War

Having just completed The New War, I thought I'd try do a not too spoilerish post for some possible troublesome foes in it. Ok, maybe only I had trouble with them but whatever. :P 

I found the random school tests to be fun!

First up, before you can even think of doing the New War you need to own a railjack and a necramech and be up to date on the main story (unlocked and played through Prelude to War). Now for tips on the some of the big baddies namely Owl, Wolf and Snake - and the order you fight them in is totally up to you. Just don't try melee whichever you pick as the first two.

Owl floats about, firing lasers, creating streams of electricity or going in a shield to heal (which you can walk into to shoot him and stop that process). I picked him first, found him really annoying, literally quit the mission and left him for last. And I'm glad I did because you are in a better position to beat whoever is last.

Wolf is all about being close and tearing you up, so he will charge and leap and deploy fire for some reason. He's pretty simple, just stay far away and dodge when you see him winding up to leap or charge etc. He is also a Narutard and summons clones while he hides and heals. Shoot the real one (the only one holding weapons) to stop that process. You can also quickly find the real him by using your #3 gifted ability to spot his arrow on the mini map.

Snake pretends to be scary with that giant head which occasionally turns you into stone so if you see the eyes light up, look away and if she starts charging a large glowy red sphere around herself, take cover because that's an AoE. Otherwise her attacks go in straight lines that do not track, which makes her simpler than Wolf. I stayed close and just ran circles around her while shooting and "dodging". That is in quotes because simply by running in a circle means she can't hit you with her other attacks.

I feel like that's enough info to get anyone through them. Really cool quest line, and pretty long too. Worth noting that for the entire duration Warframe becomes a single player game until you can finish it though so plan accordingly.

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