Monday 25 July 2022

Warframe: The Hungry Helminth

In a back corner of your ship lives a hungry infested creature who you might be able to access if your warframe gains an infested cyst or if you simply are in a Nidus. To make the most use of it though you'll need to unlock its systems from the Entrati family on Deimos.

This hungry worm is a great resource eater and will happily take away all those hard earned materials that you need to build more things, but in return... he lets you modify warframe abilities, provided you let him eat your warframes too (and yes, they are gone - you can even watch them get digested).

Queue me, being slightly annoyed at selling my other warframes when I could have been feeding them to increase the worms power!!! On the flip side, it gives me a reason to farm them again. 

is tasty!

Each warframe has a defined ability the Helminth "learns" after eating it, and afterwards you can plug that into any other warframe, in any of its four power slots. It has a few brand new abilities that it learns as it levels up (eats stuff) that you can plug in as well, with the limit being you can only put one "alien" ability into a warframe. So I can't make an Excalibur use all of Loki's abilities for example, but I have done the following:

Firewalking Loki

Decoy/Invis/Switch Teleport/Firewalk (from Nezha). While this removes the awesome utility of radial disarm, it does give me a power I can use while invisible that actually works on infested, makes me move faster, sets enemies alight, and stat cleanses any allies including myself that walk over the flames.

Since I'm also highly duration built, the firewalk lasts for almost a full minute meaning it doesn't interfere with my perma-stealth build.

Empowered Gara

Shattered Lash/Splinter Storm/Empower (from Helminth)/Mass Vitrify. I never liked Spectorage anyway, and this way I can cast empower first, which gives +50% strength to whatever I cast next which would be mass vitrify (I only use her for defense stuff so shield up!) which makes the glass barrier that much stronger.

Thinking of giving the Revenant Titania's Spellbind in place of Reave, and need something for Excalibur Umbra. I tried Wukong's Defy on him but I'm not sure I'm happy with that so far.


  1. There's a YT channel called Grind Hard Squad where the creator does a lot of videos about various Helminth combos he's found that work really well. I've found it a fascinating watch many a time.

    1. Thanks, I'll take a look when I get the chance. :)