Monday 11 July 2022

Warframe: Excalibur and Zephyr

The swordsman and the eagle.


The poster boy for Warframe is one you can grab from defeating Lech Kril on Mars (aim for the coolants on his back) or select as your starter frame. Excalibur is an OK all-rounder with powers that strongly lead to being up close and personal which works very well for plenty of early game missions. His ability to summon an exalted blade exemplifies this for those times you really want to chop things up and upon completing the Sacrifice quest, you will gain an Excalibur Umbra who is an improved version and is better suited to the enemies introduced at that point.

However I feel that's all the Excalibur is, which lets it get eclipsed by more specialized or simply more superior frames later on. I think I've used the Umbra in three missions since I've gotten it and have just stowed it away ever since.


Available from your clan's Tenno lab, this frame is all about flight gliding as she enjoys great bonuses while doing so (do more damage, enemies have a shit time hitting flying) and can stay airborne longer and glide faster than any other frame without using energy. Zephyr can also summon tornadoes which is great visually and decent crowd control, and can even redirect projectiles that have her targeted.  

These actually make Zephyr pretty sturdy and very agile in the right players hands. I only gave her up because she doesn't have the true flight of Titania's fairy mode (which handles like an archwing) nor Titania's status cleanse which is super handy against toxic infested.

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