Monday 27 June 2022

GTFO: R7B1 - Cargo (Main)

The baby sitting continues as you must again lug the HSU to the objective. At least this time you don't need to carry it all the way back! Loadouts were as follows:

Me: HEL Shotgun/Precision Rifle/Cfoam/Spear
Jim: HEL Shotgun/Precision Rifle/Cfoam/Hammer
DL: DMR/Precision Rifle/Mines/Hammer
[Bot]: HEL revolver/Machinegun/Burst Sentry/Hammer

*Precision Rifle has a thermal scope so I convinced the other two to give it a try. :)

Welcome to the new tile set that includes foliage that looks like sleepers! Despite the spooky woods its still the same premise of sneak, stealth kill and scavenge though - until you reach the first zone with three different security doors. Like last time, find the locked door and use the terminal to figure out which class III alarm door you need to open as you don't need both. Two doors lead into this chamber, so we mined both and went on double ice duty to make it easy.

Clear the alarm wave before opening the door because you will now be introduced to scouts. To recap, best method to silently kill them is follow the tentacles in with a charged melee and aim for the head (ideally back). Spears are great at this but even with that must be within tentacle range and hope it walks towards you for a clean kill. Luckily, most of the scouts here are alone per room or with few sleepers and the precision rifle kills them in a single head shot so if you don't want to practice scout assassination, just shoot em first and shoot their friends after.

Collect the key, open the locked door and you'll find another big foresty area. Clear it out thoroughly to discover you need a cell to power the next door. Locate that to the East, plug it into the generator and find that said door to the South is a class IV alarm. Now there's no good spot to setup defenses here so I just plonked down the sentry gun towards door we entered from but in the end you just have to fight well while doing circles as enemies can come from both the East and Western zones.

Inside, continue your stealthiness and locate the shuttle box which really just looks like a desktop. You don't have to tango with all the scouts / rooms beyond this quest item if you don't want to so ping it, get it, and bring it to the delivery pipe next to the checkpoint door. Yay! Checkpoint!

The next few zones are vertigo inducing vertical in size but just navigate as best you can till you find the next class III alarm to the North. There are four doors into this room and we didn't have enough gear to cover everything, but that's ok because by setting up the exterior rooms we could funnel the entire alarm wave to one single door (see pic below). That's where the mine and cfoam duty took place. It's also on a nice narrow bridge so when the swarm does get in, they are immediately funneled into a kill space.

If all doors in the big square are closed except for the one encircled,
the enemies only attack the door pointed by the arrow.

Beyond this is a long bridge that looks like the number 9 with a locked security door at the end. Clear the baddies and bring the baby to the machine in that little side room but DON'T put it in yet! Instead, we placed the remaining c-foam and turret to guard the door because sure enough, doing the objective makes a bunch of flyers spawn in. Lots of them! Don't get scared though because they cannot hit you if you strafe.

Bring the baby to the door and leave it there while starting the final alarm. This is a moving scan that goes around the circular part of the number 9 in an anticlockwise direction. Baddies will definitely come for you and the HEL shotgun really shone during the segment where you are walking into them. Once you begin moving back to the door you are pretty safe especially if you put defenses before the T-junction which we did. Obviously they didn't help in the first part of the scan. :P

Once that's done, open the door and extract with the baby to GTFO!

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