Wednesday 6 July 2022

Man vs Bee (Season 1) and Moon Knight (Season 1)

Man vs Bee

A "hardworking" house sitter (Rowan Atkinson) is left to occupy a wealthy estate for a week, and due to the titular bee and a boat load of incompetence which goes past Wily E. Coyote levels - hilarity ensues. This simple English comedy series has super short episodes which work exceptionally well.

If you liked Mr. Bean, you're most likely going to enjoy this as it is very much the same vibe. We loved it. Definitely recommended!

Moon Knight

It is a wonder that this Egyptian themed superhero (wonderfully played by Oscar Isaac) is anywhere near useful since he suffers from a multiple personality disorder where most of his other personalities DOESN'T know he's a superhero. In most of the early episodes you are treated to jarring cuts and many humorous instances that reflect this, which is nice artistically but kinda makes it hard to enjoy.

Luckily(?) the villain plot is pretty generic (though again wonderfully played by Ethan Hawke) so that you can focus on the main character but Moon Knight in costume is probably in it for only around 15% of the entire first season and the powers of all involved aren't really explained much. Just go with it man! I enjoyed it but it was very strange, even for me. I'll watch a Season 2 if one is made but its also ok if they leave it there.

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