Saturday 5 March 2022

What's in your Favorites?

Or what would you put there?

This question stems from my last free Steam games post, where I made a passing mention of my favorites which is actually a sub section available to all Steam users that I've only started using recently. I thought I'd share the 15 games that made it in there, my main criteria being "games I would play again". Obviously this doesn't cover any games outside of my steam library so maybe I'll do a bigger list later down the track.

It's currently a pretty short list.

Going over them really quickly in no particular order: Black Desert is a beautiful and interesting MMORPG, but it stopped letting me play (startup error) so I'm not sure if that's staying in here for much longer. I love the stealth mechanics in Thief, both Dishonored games which also have multiple ways to play, Skyrim which has tons of mods to enjoy (it also stole my name, arrrrgh *shakes fist*), and GTFO - my current regular multiplayer stealth horror.

Sleeping Dogs is just fun in a chaotic way while To the Moon and Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice are both excellent game wise and in hitting me in the feels. The remaining six are all free games: A Raven Monologue and When the Past was Around: Prologue are more feels hitters, Dead Horizon is an excellent lesson in short story telling, and High Entropy Challenges, Gravitas and Liquidators are all good first person puzzlers featuring in the same order: stealth, humor, and Chernobyl. :P

But what of these do I consider the best you ask? That's not so hard to answer. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice wins easily.

What games do you have flagged as your favorites?


  1. I don't use Favorites in Steam, but here's the games I play the most: Civ IV, Stardew Valley, and Stellaris.

    1. Does Stardew Valley also have area control? It seems like the odd one out in that list. :)

    2. It's very mellow, comparatively speaking. I play it when I just want to relax a bit. :-)

      I've started several RPGs, but when they get to a point where I have to make a major time commitment to playing them, I back off. I've been known in the past to be up until 4 or 5 AM playing, and I have to break myself of that habit. So while I'd love to put some RPGs up there such as the Baldur's Gate games, I just can't justify overdoing it right now. Maybe when I retire I'll have more time to play those sorts of games, but of course anything action RPG oriented will go down the toilet due to the decline in physical skills as I creep toward 60. (Still got 7+ years to go, tho.)