Thursday, 20 June 2013

Gift of the Void

Since the NWN Foundry was down for a few days I have been playing "Dishonored" as of late, and wow is it good. It reminds me so much of my other favourite game series "Thief", but is obviously more modern with its crisp graphics and more fluid movement. Even the gear loadout screen generates nostalgia. Unlike Garret from Thief, the main character here named Corvo is a killer. He is quite fragile in hand to hand combat but so are his enemies, giving him insta-kill combos with the correct timing. He also carries a whole armament of deadly stuff and if that wasn't enough he even gains magical powers from a supernatural entity early on which while really cool, makes the gam almost too easy even if you are trying to not kill anyone, which is what I'm doing at the moment - ala thief.  All the patience and adrenaline of being sneaky can just be tossed out the window when your character can literally stop time.

The one harder run is to "ghost" which means never get seen and don't touch anyone but that's a bit -too- pacifistic for me. Ofcourse there are crazy people who are doing/have done that with the "it was all a dream" self imposed difficulty (no use of magic) which is impressive. Anyway I am already looking forward to doing the whole thing again in berserker blood bath mode too - because I can see it's going to be very fun and very quick (comparatively speaking). Solid game so far, with a good story to boot. Definitely high up on my recommended list! Most importantly though it led me to discover that Thief is being rebooted! AWESOME. I'm definitely grabbing that when it comes out on the PC. :)

In the meantime...

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