Friday 11 March 2022

Europa Universalis IV Among Us

Both aren't for me.

Europa Universalis IV

Everything is shinier in this iteration of Europa Universalis - better graphics, better music, and better controls... wait, nope - definitely not better controls! For all the additions this is still as user unfriendly as the last one I tried and you will still bombarded by popups while trying to figure out just what it is you are meant to be doing. Sorry, Europa Universalis. A polished turd is still a turd.

Among Us

Don't be fooled by the cartoony graphics of this very popular social deduction game. In it, around 7-15 players are on board a space ship and must do mundane tasks to fill up the "goal" bar - should that happen, they win! Except 1-3 of them are actually traitors who are both sabotaging the ship AND murdering crew. Whenever someone sounds the alarm upon finding a body or simply pressing the emergency meeting button the "game" is paused and so begins the discussions and voting to decide who among you is a traitor.

Expect to die a lot!

While nothing happens with a tie, if you get the most votes you get booted out the airlock. Don't worry though, as a ghost you can still try do tasks to win the game for the good guys (most people just quit on death though) but you can no longer talk or vote. Not that you could talk much anyway. All conversations are chosen from a dialogue wheel and while there are a number options to pick from, most of the time it'll just be something like "Who?", "[Player 1]", "No [Player 2]".

Strangely, the stupid tasks are the fun part of the game for me but they are always interrupted by the voting which seems to be what most servers I've tried really lean into. Unless you have the unlikely event of peaceful traitors, the good crew will never win by completing tasks and instead it will always come down to booting the correct folks out of the airlock. That part is not really my thing but for those who enjoy it, this game is for you as it happens regularly.

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