Friday 25 March 2022

Rogue Company Warface Dead by Daylight

Unfriendly competition.

Dead by Daylight

In this horror themed game, a team of four survivors are thrown into some sort of purgatory arena that is always filled with generators and meat hooks. Their objective is to stealthily power up the exit door and escape without letting the opposing "team", comprised of a single "killer" player, catch and sacrifice them to a hungry malevolent entity. There are many survivors and killers to choose from (especially if you open your wallet), and I'm always amazed at the mix of franchise characters they pull together. You can have Bill from Left for Dead and Leon from Resident Evil trying to flee from Jason Voorhes, Pyramid Head or the girl from the ring (each with their own special abilities once you level up enough)!

Game play wise this has an excellent basic tutorial for both roles, controls are easy, graphics are good and there are nice systems in place like survivors get an over the shoulder cam while the killer only has first person view. My main downside to this is frustration though. As a killer it will feel like those damned survivors can't die fast enough, especially if they are hard to find in the first place while as a survivor if you are caught its basically a "skip your turn" mode once they are meat hooked which not only drains their life but the actual fun from the game. Survivors also can die, so player elimination is a thing - a tell tale sign of a shit game.


A multiplayer shooter that has both PvP and, to my surprise, PvE missions. In it you play as one of five classes of soldier in small scale combats (if PvP) or many foes (if PvE). Gaining experience or using the cash shop helps you advance to unlock things but really, apart from a few nice touches like the assisted climb move, it could just be a nicer looking version of Counterstrike (the old one). Movement is clunky, weapons are weak, and it takes forever to find a match (at least in my region) in either PvP or PvE. Garbage.

Rogue Company

This is a mostly team vs team arena/bomb planting/king of the hill with fantastic graphics, easy controls, a strange amount of dance emotes and again a lot of characters and specials skills to pick from if you open your wallet. You do need to level up a bit for a few things to unlock but as you can do this against bots it's not much of an issue, especially since rounds are generally fast and decisive - where you win either by eliminating all enemy "tickets" (respawn) or holding an objective for a minute. I also like that weapons are deadly. A few bullets can down someone - not half a mag like in Warface.

It has the problem of taking longer to find online matches though, and since every player has the same amount of agency here (unlike Dead by Daylight where you basically have no threat as the killer and are useless if you are a hooked survivor) it really comes down to your team composition. An AFKer in Dead by Daylight might still be ok. An AFKer here will just rack up losses. Still, this is definitely more fun thanks to the very same player agency and once player elimination actually starts, it goes pretty quickly (and not another 10+ minutes of cat and mouse in Dead by Daylight) so in my book, this is easily the best game of this set - but as regular readers know, PvP is not my thing.

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