Wednesday, 23 February 2022

Free Thinkers

Rather, free steam games that will make you think!

Only a trio of brain exercisers this time around, starting with Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle where you play as Jason Voorhees with the expected task of murdering everyone. However - Jason only moves in straight lines, so its possible to fall off the board or end up on a space that will end him. Luckily the severed head of his mother gives clues per level. Funny, violent and later on pretty tough! Definitely one that franchise fans might enjoy.

Next up is Wired, a basic platformer that actually teaches electronics. While there is some "running to make that jump" it is a very small part of the game, instead focused on wiring up machines to a power source to build or open the path ahead for you. Apart from the silly opening video which might turn off some people (just push past it, trust me), the rest of the videos are actually the highlight of the game for me with very clever lessons that you then get to use in practice to reach the next section. Excellent design!

You might end up learning something!

Lastly is a hilarious first person puzzler called Gravitas in which you use your gravity gauntlet to manipulate some cubes to get past each room, all while your robotic host tries to politely kill guide you through the gallery. It isn't very long and isn't very difficult so if you are only going to try one of these three free games, this is the one you should pick. Highly recommended, and is now one of my favorites. :)

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