Tuesday 15 March 2022

Criminal and Spine of the Night

Two mental movies.

Criminal (2016)

Jericho (Kevin Costner) is a bad man with mental issues, but these same mental issues make him a prime candidate for the memory transference of a secret agent who has a mission to save the world. Dubious science aside, this is a decent action thriller with some good actors but it would have been better if the cops didn't make so many stupid mistakes and hasty judgement calls. Still worth a watch, and this is one I'd watch again.

Spine of the Night

Some interesting fashion choices.
This animated fantasy is all about a flower that both gives you power and makes you trip balls, but the story spans across centuries and is told by literally having one character tell another what happened. Ugh! It also doesn't help that the story isn't that strong and that there are filler scenes/stories that didn't need to be there. Art wise the back grounds are great despite clashing with the fantastic frame by frame but shadowless style of the characters. I do have to say its like they were too proud of their art and made all the combat slow though. Anyway, only attempt watching this if you want something really out there.

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