Thursday 24 March 2022

Forgotten Waters: Nature's Splendor

[A board game session from Forgotten Waters]

Having failed to win the race to Ghost Island, Captain Stroopwafel took a job from a trio of wealthy scientists from the Royal College of Natural Philosophy to locate and capture new and fascinating creatures from beyond the Ocean's Edge. Among her crew was Jane Doe, Bassam, Edward Darkdawn and the chef Roberta Foodie.

Since Jane was smitten by the time a merfolk saved her, she has a keen sense to navigate the ship right to the isle they nest upon. The mer quickly attempt to defend their home though, and it is only thanks to Edward's martial skill that they prevail - as he slaughters all but one of them. The surviving baby is then taken to appease the scientists.

Just off the coast they find a leviathan nesting ground and Bassam manages to steal one of their hatchlings. One of the great sea serpents gives chase but is cut down by cannon fire. On the next volcanic isle Roberta tries to steal an egg of a giant bird but fumbles and drops it from the cliff face. Luckily Jane locates a lava lizard in the caves below that is easily lured to the ship with treasure.

With the three beasts in the hold the scientists offer to double the pay if they are taken to visit one more island said to be the home of magnificent and deadly beasts. Captain Stroopwafel lets her greed get the better of her and agrees, and upon landing the three scientists begin sacrificing the captured animals in a scientific black magic ritual to summon their quarry... a forest titan!?

The ship is torn apart and the crew are put into a furious battle against the powerful giant on land, but no matter what damage they do it constantly regenerates and gets angrier. Eventually it bellows in rage which summons more creatures just like it! Panic sets in as the giants begin feasting on the crew, the captain and the scientists... there are no survivors. 

Pretty much felt like Attack on Titan in that last fight. :P

Yep, that was a game over as it is a really tough fight but also I thought it was a fitting end for this scummy crew of kidnappers! This is also the last adventure available for Forgotten Waters without the DLC.


  1. I noticed this on your Pillars of Eternity posts and others as well. Why do so many of your characters die? Particularly story/plot characters?

    1. In games like Pillars of Eternity where you can continue after party members die, I simply do so since it's not actually a "game over". Most people load the game at that point, I don't / try not to, which means I end up sending a lot of characters into the grinder. I do try to keep them alive but sometimes crits, stupid AI, and poor player choices (like forcing the party into an area they shouldn't be in yet) get them into unsalvagable positions so... they die.

      In Forgotten Waters though it is pretty explicit in what happens to your characters. If you don't get lucky and/or do the selfish actions that only benefit yourself then your character generally meets with a bad and often fatal end, many of which are listed in my playthrough because my group tries to play purely cooperatively. As such none of us have ever gotten the best ending for our individual characters thus far.

      This particular post is actually a game over (we all died), and didn't have time to replay from the save position so I just went with it.