Sunday 20 March 2022

Epic Trash

Games from the Epic Game store I just don't get into.

In Train Sim World 2 you take the role of an engineer (driver) in first person to drive some trains! The graphics are pretty great and you have exterior cameras to lovingly gaze down the entirety of the train as you run on tracks based on real life! I can see how this would appeal to train enthusiasts as the driver seat is pretty technical too - but there are two aspects where this loses me:

First, its a train. For all the convoluted controls you can basically only stop or go so if you aren't changing state or speed you are just sitting there waiting to get somewhere. Secondly, THERE IS NO COLLISION!? You can literally drive right through other trains. That absolutely kills the whole simulation for me.

Another simulator that holds some merit is PC Building Simulator where you run a small PC hardware shop dealing with various problems like viruses, dirt or replacing PC internals and getting paid for it. The decent graphics are coupled with an interface that isn't very intuitive which is either poorly designed or excellently designed as I think most PC internals are not intuitive to start with. This does mean that the entire game is like dealing with a blue screen of death. For fun. Multiple times. This leaves me wondering who is this marketed to? People that already do this job?

Last in this category is Ghostwire: Tokyo - Prelude by Bethesdea... because Bethesda now produce Interactive Novels? WTF? The art is ok and the narrative about mysterious supernatural disappearances is.... zzzzz. Oh what? I was looking for the [skip] option because I want to play a game instead of read a book. There are minor choices in the parts I got up to but unlikely anything that widely branches out, other than the few instant "game over" options which are a tell tale mark of a lousy game. Especially when said options are as stupid as (take the case) or (ignore the case). Can you guess which one is the game over? Why is that even a choice?

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