Tuesday 22 March 2022

The Adam Project and Rescued by Ruby

A pair of movies on Netflix.

The Adam Project

Time travel is not only real, it's already being abused which leads time traveling hero (Ryan Reynolds) on his quest to set it right but first he crash lands into his younger self (Walker Scobell, who does an excellent job). The special effects are excellent here, and while the flick is entertaining the story has more than a few bits that are super convenient - like person X saves the day out of nowhere and no one but the hero has the super useful "not a light saber" that ruins it a little. Still ok if you like Ryan Reynolds but otherwise, stay away. Not one I'd watch again.

Rescued by Ruby

Better than expected!

A determined state trooper (Grant Gustin) eager to join the K9 unit opts to adopt and train a hyperactive half border collie named Ruby to try make it into the squad. While I'm not fond of purely drama films, which this is, I have to say I really enjoyed it. It's got a good story based on real life, good acting and a lot of good doggies! Best of all, it did hit in the feels / created an emotional response which is an excellent sign of a successful film. Recommended, and if you like dogs, highly recommended! I would happily watch this one again.

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