Wednesday 23 January 2019

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Beautiful and crazy.

Senua journeys into Niflheim to try save the soul of her lover and her only companions are the whispers she hears all around her. Let me start by saying the story craftsmanship in this game is fantastic, as are the voice acting, graphics and the very flawed Senua who is simultaneously fragile and strong portrayed marvelously by her motion capture actress Melina Juergens.

We just want to see her happy...

The controls, music and combat system also lend themselves well to making this game a joy to experience. Indeed the only part I disliked are the point of view puzzles, because they introduce some backtracking and sort of kill the pacing, though that might just be because I am lousy at puzzles.

This short but deep game is one that I highly recommend to everyone and score it 5 runes out of 5. Give it a try and overcome your fears!

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