Friday, 26 November 2021

Steam Discovery Queue - Crusade of the Free XIX

Continuing freebies from last time... the one in bold is the best of this set.

Dark Fracture Prologue: A first person horror walking simulator set in a morgue. Didn't quite make it to the "horror" part as I couldn't find the first item - your lighter. Looks well rendered but for me find a spot games are much better when the spots are more obvious.

Eternal Dreamers: An RPG maker type game with a heavy focus on combat. As in, any time you go out of the home base there is no map. It's just waves of combat. That's... different and certainly makes things go faster. Definitely designed for those who like turn based combat and nothing in between.

Liquidators: A first person exploration game where you play as three of the guys (one at a time) sent in to delay the meltdown at the Chernobyl reactor. Graphics aren't the best and the game play mostly relies on player pathing memory / knowledge (LOOK BEFORE ADVANCING) but good premise and since the well designed compact map is surprisingly small it's definitely worth a try. Bonus points on playing archived footage from the real thing. Expect to have a few attempts at it though. Might not be for everyone, but I think it's excellent!

Down down to reactor town.

The Little Red Lie: A nice hand drawn side scroller where you are Red Riding Hood returning to the forest. Pretty good.

Little Traveler: A cute puzzle platformer where you play a tiny wingless fairy who must navigate around a kitchen. Can get frustrating if you jump into things you can't get out of, or can't work out where to jump to next.

Lycanthorn II Reign of Beasts (comes with Lycanthorn I): Retro first person shooter in the style of Hexen mixed heavily with Castlevania. Pretty cool just for the music. The straightforwardness of Lycanthorn I is an good place to start.

Puzlkind: A game that's all about solving jigsaw puzzles, either alone of with friends. You can customize how many pieces to break the picture into at the start. Decent controls too but just not for me.

Shrine and Shrine 2: A retro first person shooter much in the style of Doom II, almost to the point of being able to tell what was could simply be reskinned. Ok for what it is, and the second game improves the pickups to make them easier to understand instead of red fire for health, green fire for armor, red fire for some sort of ammo etc.

Suspicious Downpour: A game where you do nothing. Bleh.

Veneficium: A cute 3D platform puzzler where you are a witch running around on floating islands. Your fire, ice and storm spells can interact with a variety of things to temporarily alter the map to remove hazards or add platforms to stand on. It's ok.

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