Monday 14 March 2022

Forgotten Waters: Spoils of the Damned

[A board game session from Forgotten Waters]

The destruction of the Grand Pirate Council led to the surviving pirates ransacking of their stuff and discovering a map pointing to the ghost island of Captain Lees, which was rumored to be full of treasure! And undead! As usual, greed got the best of the raiders who tore up the map in the scuffle and left with only portions of the map.

One of these map pieces makes its way to the perpetually angry and thirsty Captain Swift, who is intent on finding ghost island for personal reasons. Among her crew are Charles Vane who looks like a magically animated skeleton, Bonnie Lass the thespian, safety inspector Astrahan and One Eye Crochet - an adoptive mother looking for her lost son.

With three good leads on other map parts they set sail for a nearby pair but are quickly ambushed by Tortualos! That is, Pirate Ninja Turtles, who are unstoppable in their lightning raid which depletes the ship of a lot of supplies! Fighting another vessel right after is a risky affair but they succeed and claim a second map piece followed by Bonnie Lass getting another and the diary of Captain Lees from a cave on the island the second ship is patrolling.

The TMNT crew actually did do that.

Storms and Astrahan's cautious driving slow progress to a crawl as they make their way back to the starting port to resupply so Captain Swift takes matters into her own hands and uses the crews treasure to simply buy another map fragment from a rival captain. Now with enough information to pin point the location of ghost island, Charles Vane takes the wheel and powers the ship there in short order.

Captain Lees and his zombie crew welcomes them and reward them with treasure, but as yet another storm forces them to stay on the island it becomes clear all of them are also turning into zombies! "Zombies soon to be under my command!" laughs Captain Lees. "But the curse will be undone if you die," Captain Swift retorts - quickly leading her crew against him in an epic fight where Charles Vane resists numerous mind control attempts while fighting in melee while the rest man the cannons (Lees focuses on increasing discontent rather than doing direct damage).

Eventually Lees is defeated and all his zombie crew drop dead - their spirits rising freely. It turns out Captain Swift was an undead too, and having broken his curse also has her spirit freed with the others leaving her crew to decide what to do with themselves. Vane, Bonnie and Crochet all retire from the pirate life, with Vane finding a cure for his see through skin condition.  

Crochet never does find her missing boy, instead becoming a go-go dancer while Bonnie Lass returns to being an actress who then, in a play where she portrays a pirate, is arrested for piracy! Astrahan is eventually abandoned at port by the remaining crew, too annoyed at his safe measures. Just as well since soon after the ship sinks, because they had no safety inspector on board.

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